Alternative Acts


by Nick Jones (2013)

Inspired by true events, Trevor is a tragic comedy about fame, success, and the lies we tell ourselves to avoid disenchantment.
At the center of this emotional play are two individuals sparing no effort to keep their versions of reality intact: Trevor, a 200 pound chimpanzee who is still dreaming of his former days performing on TV, and his recently widowed owner Sandra, who swears her chimp could never hurt a fly...
at least not on purpose.
Torn in between two worlds, Trevor and Sandra are struggling with flawed communication and with fitting into a society that is unwilling to understand their love.

Author Nick Jones, writer and co-producer of the Netflix series „Orange is the new Black“, created with „Trevor“ a moving exploration of our understanding of family and humanity.


  • Directed

    by Elisabeth Halikiopoulos.

    Elisabeth Halikiopoulos is a professional actress and singer with Austrian-Greek roots. She studied acting at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg and performed at several theatres. "Trevor" is her directorial debut.

  • Trevor

    by Georg Handler

    The start of it all: "Georg, you want to play a chimp?" - "I was born ready!"

  • Sandra

    by Heidelinde Herzog

    Heidi sparked the idea of founding “Alternative Acts” and is portraying Sandra. Sandra’s motherly love for Trevor makes her blind to the events unfolding around her. Being challenged repeatedly, she finally has to choose between saving others or her family.

  • Ashley

    by Maria Dorfer

    Ashley, a wife and mother of a little baby, just moved to her new neighbourhood and right next to Sandra’s and Trevor’s house. Her only aim is to protect her family so she is very worried about the chimpanzee living next door. Worried about the chimpanzee living next door, her only aim is to protect her family.

  • P.A./Jenny

    by Stefanie Pichler

    Stefanie Pichler plays the roles of the P.A. and the veterinarian Jenny. Her task as an unbiased outsider is to assess the situation professionally. Thereby she does not always agree with Sandra…

  • Morgan Fairchild

    by Stefanie Pyka

    Stefanie is portraying the famous Morgan Fairchild, known from various TV commercials and soap operas such as Dallas. Her professional attitude when acting with animals on TV certainly impresses Trevor and draws him further into the amazing world of showbiz full of glamour and passion.

  • Jim

    by Thomas Reichsöllner

    Thomas picked up acting in 2015 and portrayed a variety of characters since. Jim is the local county sheriff and Sandra’s friend. Due to recent events he now has to pick duty over friendship.

  • Oliver

    by Johannes Zemanek

    Johannes started acting in high school and is portraying Oliver. Oliver is a chimp known to be well dressed and quite successful in Hollywood. When Trevor is experiencing inner turmoil, Oliver is emerging as alter ego, wearing a white tuxedo.


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We are Alternative Acts - a group of theater enthusiasts, on stage to inspire.
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